The smartest and cheapest parking in Amsterdam !

Our Amsterdam trip was totally spontaneous and it was special in many ways. First of all, it was my first long(er) car drive, approximately 500 km.

Finding a (affordable) parking space in Amsterdam was not easy at all, so I think this blogpost will be helpful for a lot of travellers.

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Things you should know before traveling to Shanghai 🇨🇳

We spent 14 days in Shanghai partly as we wanted to visit family and partly out of touristic reasons. Considering the fact that we had support from our family members that live there, some things were easier for us. For example, we didn’t have to think about where we’ll sleep, thus we can’t give you any recommendation regarding accommodations. We got a few tips what we should see and when, to avoid tourist overcrowding.

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The Playa-Pit-Stop to Elche

I had the luck that my wife bought me a new computer, mainly for writing my PhD on it, but Im going to abuse it for writing a text from time to time. It also helps me kill the time I spend commuting – I like travelling, but travelling to your job every day kills the joy in it a little, so you have to spice things up a little bit from time to time. Continue reading The Playa-Pit-Stop to Elche

The Culinary Exploration of Lisbon (Part III)

Long time, no see. It has a couple of reasons: we moved and just had a lot on our minds, but in the end, as always, the most obvious reason is pure laziness. And we were feeling a little bit guilty about not doing something that was pretty fun for both of us, so here I am trying to sparkle up an old (almost) habit by finishing the first series we tried writing.

We visited Lisbon a little more than a year ago, but as creepy as Google Maps can be, in combination with pictures and our memories, it helps you with reminiscing about things and places you visited. I’m gonna write about three things: The Time Out Food Market Lisboa, Wine Not? and our supermarket experiences in and around Lisbon. Continue reading The Culinary Exploration of Lisbon (Part III)

Cherry crumble cake 🍒

Hey guys, here goes our second recipe for you – our cherry crumble cake.

Even though I am more a chocolate cake kind of person, I have to admit this cherry cake is definitely worth preparing and eating it! 🙂

The first part of the recipe refers to making the cherry cake and the second part is for making the crumb topping. A Crumb topping is not obligatory, but the cake feels simply unfinished without it, as it adds some crunchiness.

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The Bad Dürkheim fairytale🧚‍♀️

Earlier this year we received a weekend trip getaway voucher as a gift from our friends for this spa town called Bad Dürkheim. To be honest, after searching the Internet I wasnt amused at all. The information you can find online is quite modest and uninteresting.

However, after spending two days there I am sooo glad I had the opportunity to see and enjoy this lovely city. In this city you will see bananas and lemons, everything smells like lavender and lime, and you can even see palm trees everywhere. They call this region Germanys Tuscany. So, lets find out why. 😊

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Breakfast lover(s)

Hey guys, this post is for all you breakfast lovers out there! 😊

I just loove breakfasts and I believe it is the most important meal of the day. Do you know where ´breakfast´ name originates from? Breakfast = breaking the fast! After a long, good night sleep it is your first meal that provides the body and your brain with fuel after an overnight fast. You wouldn´t start a car with no petrol, would you? Then don´t do it to your body even, don´t skip breakfasts! 🙏 Continue reading Breakfast lover(s)