8 reasons why you should never ever visit Malta

        1. The climate is terrible

Ok, we spent 7 days in Malta at the beginning of June 2017. And the temperature was approximately 25-30 Celsius degrees. All day every day just the sun and the clear blue sky. Like, come on Malta? Did we come here in June for the sunshine? Pfff 🙂

   2. Malta doesn’t have any good beaches

Ok, if we ignore the problem with the constant warm and sunny weather, we can’t ignore the lack of beaches. Like, crystal clear water at the Blue lagoon, orange/red sandy beach at Ramla bay in Gozo. Really Malta, I expected more then sandy beaches, perfect water and the clear sky.

And definitely don’t miss the opportunity to refresh yourself with a cocktail at the Blue lagoon drinking it straight from a pineapple.


      3. No architecture or culture heritage

Wherever you go, you can’t see anything interesting. Just some buildings with colorful windows and architecture like you’ve never seen before. Just skip Valletta and Gozo. No seriously, skip it, or you’ll fall in love with this places and wished to stay there forever. Gozo is like a movie set from the 40’s.

       4. No nightlife

Ok, by now you figured out it was a joke and we’re actually big fans of Malta, Gozo and Comino. 🙂 The night life is pretty good. You can find pubs, bars and dance clubs everywhere. Our recommendation goes for the bars in St. Julian.

         5. The food?

If you like sea food like we do, then you will be veeeery happy as they serve the very best sea food we’ve ever tried. Don’t miss the opportunity to go to Marskaxlokk– Malta’s fishing village. You will recognize it by the most beautiful boats you’ll ever see. The sea food there is beyond perfect.


    6. The people?

The Maltese people are sooo friendly. They all speak very good english and are very helpful. Pay attention that the Maltese drive on the left side of the road.



      7. No place for walking

There is an amazing promenade for walking in Sliema. That lovely sea air, people having their beers or an ice cream in their hand. You can go walking all the way from St Julian’s to Sliema. Isn’t that perfect ?


8. No place just for relaxing

Ok, ok, ok, we admit it. Malta is peeeerfect for walking, resting, swimming, diving, partying. Our honest recommendation goes for Cafe del Mar Malta. We assure you you won’t regret it and you will come back again. The picture bellow will explain our love for this place!



Tip: To be honest, Malta is perfect for single travelers, couples, friends, groups etc. Still, we think it could be a bit hard for couples with young children, unless your plan of a trip to Malta is to stay in one hotel for the whole time. 🙂

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