The Bad Dürkheim fairytale🧚‍♀️

Earlier this year we received a weekend trip getaway voucher as a gift from our friends for this spa town called Bad Dürkheim. To be honest, after searching the Internet I wasnt amused at all. The information you can find online is quite modest and uninteresting.

However, after spending two days there I am sooo glad I had the opportunity to see and enjoy this lovely city. In this city you will see bananas and lemons, everything smells like lavender and lime, and you can even see palm trees everywhere. They call this region Germanys Tuscany. So, lets find out why. 😊

First things first, after arriving at BD, we had to find some good place to eat at. We walked from the train station to the city square. I was amazed by all the beautiful, colourful buildings, palm trees and the fragrant air with filled with some type of summerish atmosphere. 🌴

We ate a veeery tasty Flammkuchen at Weinstube Petersilie. The garden of the restaurant is very beautiful. Although it started raining, we were able to stay outside because of the umbrellas.

Afterwards we went to check in our hotel – Kurpark Hotel. The hotel is big and nice. The room we were in was very clean and big, but a little bit old-fashioned. Our view was nice though, looking at the big park.

Our room view
The afternoon we spent enjoying in the spa center of the hotel. The pool is small and the air is not fresh at all, however the different types of saunas and the tropical rain shower was the best part of the spa experience.


After a lazy spa experience, we walked to the cities big and beautiful wineyards. They are very calming and interesting to walk around. I could understand a bit why they call it the Germanys Tuscany, however it would be even better if we actually had a glas of wine there.😌



For dinner we went to the huge wine barrel – now a touristic restaurant with very bad service and unpolite waitresses. We were very disappointed in this place, especially as the food is not tasty and fresh at all, but you still pay a high price.🤔



The interior of the city is beautiful, with lots of greenery, parks and gardens. Very relaxing and stress free.😍




Wandering around you will come across a completely unusual construction and you will for sure ask yourself what is it – NOLL. Noll is the simulated sea side wooden structure using local water, full of salt and minerals. A breeze blows through so you feel like you are at the seaside. You can lick your lips and feel the salt on your skin.🙏🍇

You can go inside and walk around it or just sit on the benches and enjoy the perfect summerish smell.



Before leaving in the morning, we had breakfast buffet in our hotel. The breakfast was very tasty and various with a nice view on the hotel garden. You already know I am a breakfast lover so I enjoyed it for sure but also did my husband.🥗


I am glad I came to Bad Dürkheim and that it changed my opinion about this beautiful and unreal fairytale city. We will be back for sure!


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