Our honeymoon story- Lisbon ⛵🌊

When we first started talking about our honeymoon we had a few ideas and options. However, after we found affordable plane tickets to Portugal – we immediately agreed. Lisbon, here we come. 😍

First thing first, we had to find us an accommodation for 8 nights. Our only wish was that it had a view over the lovely Tagus river. After searching for a few days, we found a flat with this view on airbnb.

Our room view

Wouldn’t mind waking up every morning to this view. Don’t you agree?

Mornings in Lisbon

We started every day as locals usually do! Ham and cheese toast, coffee and a bit of olives (as my husband is obsessed with them😁) in the local coffee shops. It was very interesting to see old people, young people, gathering around and chit-chatting with the morning coffee.

Don’t forget to try a pastel de nata with your coffee. A famous Portuguese dessert for only 1 euro (usually).

Pastel de nata

What we would recommend as a must see on your honeymoon trip to Lisbon is:

1. Belem tower & Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Belem is a fortress that rises up from the Tagus River. It was designed as a fortress to stop any attack on Lisbon. It was actually built on an island even further out in the water but changes in the river’s course of the centuries have brought it closer to the bank. Belem has a status as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get inside, at it was closed due to the strong wind.

Belem tower
Belem tower

Padrão dos Descobrimentos is a monument located along the river where ships departed to explore and trade with India and the rest of the Orient, the monument celebrates the Portuguese Age of Discovery.

Padrão dos Descobrimentos

You can climb on top of the monument and have an amazing view of the city!

View from the top of the monument – Padrão dos Descobrimentos
View from the top of the monument – Padrão dos Descobrimentos
View from the top of the monument – Padrão dos Descobrimentos

You can go walking or by bike from one point to another. The walk is all along by the amazing river. 😍

Don’t forget to take a Portugese wine with a view and enjoy amazing wine and even better view. They even let you take the glasses with you as a souvenir. Great idea, right ?

Wine with a view

2. Praça do Comércio was constructed in 1755 after the great earthquake of Lisbon destroyed the entire Baixa district. Before the earthquake, the most important royal complex, the Ribeira Palace, was situated on the site of the Praça do Comércio but this was totally destroyed by the tsunami that proceeded the earthquake.
The Rua Augusta Arch is a historical building on the Praça do Comerçio. You can get on top of it and enjoy the amazing view over the Lisbon famous commercial square.

View of Praço do Comércio

3. São Jorge Castle is the third must see location we recommend you to visit! The castle complex consists of the castle itself, some ancillary buildings, gardens, and a large terraced square from which an impressive panorama of Lisbon is visible.

View of San Jorge Castle

There you can also take a wine with a view! 😉

View from the San Jorge Castle
Portuguese flag

Don’t forget to bring some comfortable shoes, as you will walk a lot (we did approximately 15 km per day) and there are a looot of hills surrounding Lisbon.

As for honeymooners or just romantic souls we suggest you take a drink next to the river and enjoy the smell and the calming sounds.

Drink next to the Tagus river

Also take your wine with a view glasses and enjoy a drink from your balcony (if you’re lucky enough to have a view as we did :)).

Wine with a view

Or just get lost in the amazing old streets of the Alfama district. Or pick up oranges as there are oranges trees everywhere. Or enjoy the famous Portuguese tiles on almost every house. Amazing, right ?

P.S. Of course, Lisbon is also very attractive for the delicious sea food and the breathtaking ocean. You can read more about it here. 🙂 Enjoy🎄❤

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