Chocolate Soufflé like a pro!

Ok guys, so here goes our first recipe for you.

We chose a desert we both like very much! A lot of people actually avoid making chocolate soufflés, but trust us, this recipe is very easy. We promise you’ll have a perfect chocolate soufflé EVERY TIME! ☺️

So, these are ALL the ingredients you will need: Continue reading Chocolate Soufflé like a pro!

Cascais – the perfect day-trip when in Lisbon

D has a thing for water. Rivers, lakes, seas or oceans, it doesn’t matter, she just has to have water somewhere around her. I never got that strange obsession, maybe it has to do something with her staying in beach summer camps for months with her parents as a kid, but nonetheless I don’t get it. Cascais helped me with that. Continue reading Cascais – the perfect day-trip when in Lisbon

The culinary exploration of Lisbon (part I)

I didn’t write for a long time, but I have a really good excuse – D and I got married, so because of the hassle of wedding preparations, my job and just everyday obligations, I just couldn’t find the time to write something for our blog. But at the moment, as I fear I’m going to forget the goodness I wanted to share – so I have to write something now. My goal is to give you a small insight in our culinary adventure of Lisbon – the vibrant capital of Portugal. Continue reading The culinary exploration of Lisbon (part I)